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514 Family


COLE b...Cole – Piercer

Straight forward and to the point he tells it like it is “they all hurt”!!! Passionate about the art he creates, he views his profession as a lifestyle and absolutely loves what he does. A leader in the industry and a dominant force in the field, he is professional, knowledgeable and an expert at his craft. He approaches each piercing diligently with respect to the individuals needs and desires. Safety and hygiene is a top priority, special attention is always implemented and upheld with a strict sterilization process with state of the art equipment to ensure that all equipment being used has been met with the highest of quality control standards.



PierrePierre – Tattoo Artist

514 Ink’s artistic director is a master with his tattoo machine. He has been perfecting his artistic skills for the past 7 years and stays on top of his game by keeping up to date with what is current in the industry. He is a solid artist, fast and efficient in all styles, and is most passionate about honoring traditional and old school pieces.



JamesJames – Tattoo Artist

Has been professionally tattooing for the past 2 years. He loves to get creative and express his fun loving nature through his artwork. He is passionate about new school, and loves to work with bright and bold colours. Although he is new to the industry he is constantly working on perfecting his craft and delivering nothing but the best.





Join the team

The 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo Shop welcomes tattoo artists skilled in many forms of tattooing to work with our great team.
If you are a tattoo artist with a minimum of 2-3 years tattooing experience at busy tattoo shops, please contact 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo Shop now.
You must have a tattoo portfolio that can either be viewed online or brought by you to our Montreal Tattoo Shop at 5218 Queen Mary Road, Metro Snowdon.
You must be:

  • Very clean and professional
  • Motivated
  • Flexible hours
  • Punctual
  • Respectful

All you do is bring your skills and talent and we will do the rest.
Please contact us directly by calling (514) 483-4653 or send an email to
Act Like You Know!

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