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514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop Joins Forces with 21st Century Pink Pages for Charity

514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop Family FirstIn collaboration with the 21st Century Pink Pages – 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Parlour would like you to know that on every purchase of tattoos and piercings, together with our corporate partners and friends, we will be donating part of the proceeds to various charities in our city.

Family first is a reflection of the 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing brand and the immediate families, friends, as well as our corporate partners, but especially you, THE CONSUMER. None of this will be possible without your help.

We will be doing this in an episodic and formal way, typical to corporate philanthropy. This is how Montreal businesses will bond together with a common goal – helping those less fortunate than us. We will collaborate with no ego and ONE MISSION, and that is to support our local non-profit organizations. This is our way to give back to our society.

Our primary goal is to show all participants that whether it is in a financial aspect by matching the money in which we have raised, it is favorable for them. It will aid in enhancing public awareness of their business as well as their brands.

This requires a collaborative effort by all and since business and friends are dispersing funds where they wish, we 514 INK and Montreal Tattoo Ink, along with the 21st Century Pink Pages, will maintain a good measure of power over the collaborative effort.

The collaboration will gain public awareness as well as help increase in sales. We will ALWAYS address the attitude towards the charities that we will be supporting with all corporate leaders because we want NO negative consumer responses, as well as no negative behavior by any of our corporate partners.

This collaboration will reflect the diversity in ethnicity, in lifestyle, and the corporate companies that make up the great diversity of this remarkable city. Let us govern ourselves accordingly!


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