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Back Tattoos

lady gaga- shoulder back tattoo lady gaga- shoulder back tattoo

Back tattoos are considered to be the most attractive type of body art for some people. In fact, lower-back tattoos are, by far, women’s #1 favorite ink tattoos.

Lower back tattoos, also called “tramp stamps,” are tattooed at the lower back region and are accentuated by low-rise jeans and crop tops. Their success among women is partly due to their convenient position, allowing women the choice of revealing or not their tattoo. In addition, the lower back part of the body has less fat which helps preserve the shape and design of the tattoo for a long time.

Lower back tattoos definitely became an erotic body art during the 2000’s when big celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Christina Ricci started showing off their own lower-back tattoos.

But, like many popular things, lower-back tattoos have a good and a bad reputation. Because a woman’s lower back part of the body is often viewed as erotic and sexual, so are the lower-back tattoos. As a result, some folks perceive them as an indication of promiscuity, giving them very negative nicknames such as “tramp stamp,” “bulls-eye” and even “target”.

In spite of all this, lower-back tattoos are beautiful and sexy. Even with the bad publicity some people grant to these particular types of tattoos, lower-back tattoos continue to represent women’s preferred choice of body art.

At the end, what really matters is what you think and how you feel about back tattoos. This is a personal choice.  If you are determined to get a lower-back tattoo, we will be pleased to make it happen for you just the way you want it.

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