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Tattoo Cover-ups!

Ink Tattoos have gone mainstream. People just love to express themselves by getting an ink tattoo on their body. In fact, knowing that ink tattoos are a very permanent type of body art makes the experience more exciting, brave and daring!!!

The problem comes when people realize that the ink tattoo they used to love cannot be so easily removed when they change their mind or their feelings about it.

Fortunately there is always an option. And that option is called a Tattoo Cover up.

Indeed, you can have a brand new tattoo on top of your old one and hide what you don’t want anymore. But you must keep in mind that getting a Tattoo cover-up will demand lots of patience and open mind from your part and from your tattoo artist!

In fact, a tattoo cover-up is one of the most challenging types of ink tattoos to perform because the artist has to be really creative to work around the old tattoo and be able to transform it into something nice that you like.

So beware of getting a black blob in an attempt to cover your old tattoo. You need to choose a tattoo artist you can trust. Then work with your tattoo artist very closely to plan ahead how your next tattoo will be like. More importantly, don’t rush to decide what you really want this time around.

Here at our Montreal 514 Ink Tattoo & Piercing Shop we will be more than happy to work with you every step of the way in order to achieve the best tattoo Cover-up you can get in town.

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Below you will find some Tattoo Cover-up ideas in the mean time.

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