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Tattoo & Piercing Care

At 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop, we take tattoos and piercings aftercare very seriously.  Below you will find some general instructions on how to take care of your new piercing and/or tattoo.

Tattoo Care Instructions

  • Avoid submerging your new tattoo in water for at least three weeks (e.g. soaking on the bat, swimming)
  • Avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight.  Ink tattoos have no sun-blocking capabilities and will burn. Once your tattoo has healed, you must always cover it with sunblock or it will fade.
  • If a scab forms over your new tattoo, do not pick it.
  • Do not re-bandage your tattoo.

Tattoo Healing Directions – Days 1-5

  1. Wash your hands and remove tattoo bandage within 1-3 hours after tattooing.
  2. Wash your tattoo with mild soap and water. Use a washcloth if necessary to remove excess lymph.
  3. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.
  4. Apply a thin coat of H2Ocean, Bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP or Lubriderm.

Tattoo Healing Directions – Days 6-14

  • Apply a non-perfumed skin lotion with vitamin E whenever skin feels dry
  • Good hygiene habits will assist in the healing process of your tattoo.


Piercing Aftercare Instructions

  • Wash your hands prior to touching your piercing during the healing process.
  • Do not touch your piercing unless it is for cleaning purposes.
  • Clean your piercing once a day in the shower.  Use a cotton swab saturated with After Pierce or H2O Solution and remove any crusted matter from the jewellery and/or the area surrounding the piercing.
  • Do not let anyone touch your piercing during the healing period.
  • A little redness and a white scab or discharge is expected and totally normal.
  • Do not use alcohol, peroxide, ointments, creams, moisturizers, hand-sanitizers, perfumes, sprays, powders, oils, sunscreens, or hair products near your piercing.
  • If you lose your piercing jewellery or it falls out, we will pull it back in (if possible) and a service charge will apply.
  • Avoid hot tubs and public pools during the healing process.
  • Check your beads daily to make sure they have not become lose.
  • For all body piercings, it is advisable to use ice to control any swelling that may occur.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing which might irritate a new body piercing.

Oral Piercing Care Instructions

Avoid the following for the first eight (8) weeks:

  • Smoking: we realize this might be hard to do for smokers, but understand that if you continue to smoke, your oral piercing will take a lot longer to heal.  If you can’t quit overall, then try cutting down.
  • Dairy Products: ingesting dairy products might increase piercing swelling and soreness.
  • Drugs & Alcohol: drug and alcohol use during the healing process may cause excessive swelling and slow healing.
  • Spicy Foods, Citrus Fruits and Juices: these may cause burning and irritation.
  • Open Mouth Kissing and Oral Sex: do not let your piercing come into contact with another person’s fluids during the healing process.

Tongue and Tongue Web Piercings

Healing time for tongue piercings varies between 4 to 8 weeks.  To clean, use Seat Salt Oral Rinse or After Pierce. Clean your tongue piercing after eating, drinking or smoking for the first 4 weeks.  Normal symptoms after piercing your tongue include a swelling period of 2 to 10 days and some whiteness of the tongue.

  • Use a shot glass: For every rock of sea salt, use 1 1/2 ounces of water, then rinse in your mouth for 30 seconds at least 3-4 times per day after consuming anything other than water.
  • Oral hygiene is very important.  Always brush your teeth and tongue, including the bottom of the barbell at least twice a day. Floss regularly.
  • Tongue jewellery should be changed to a shorter barbell 4 weeks after being pierced to avoid any problems with teeth and gums.

For more information on tattoo or piercing aftercare, please contact us.  You can also print a coupon from Tattoo Deals or Piercing Deals of the month and book an appointment online.

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