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Tongue Piercing

514 ink tongue piercing 514 ink tongue piercing

A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing that goes directly through the center of the tongue. Ouch!   Sure, it is painful, but it’s totally bearable and really sexy! Also, it is pierced so quickly that you won’t even believe you are done!

You must know that the tongue piercing is the fastest-healing piercing of all.  This is due to the tongue’s exceptional ability to heal itself. A tongue piercing would only take 4-6 weeks to heal completely.

Please note that tongue piercings are also very tender wounds that will be open and extremely vulnerable to infection. You need to take good care of your tongue piercings if you want to avoid painful complications.

The following tips and tricks will help cure your tongue piercing with no complications:

1-      The typical starter jewelry is a straight barbell, 16 gauge or larger. It must be extra long because your tongue will swell up after it’s pierced and you need to give it some loose.

2-      For the first few hours, drink lots of cold liquids and place crushed ice on your tongue to melt. This will calm down the pain and the swelling.

3-      Take some Ibuprofen right away. It will definitely help take away the pain and the swell up of your tongue.

4-      Tongue piercing is also likely to affect your speech, especially during the first 2-3 days. But do not worry; it will all be back to normal pretty quick!

5-      Do not smoke for the first week at least. You will avoid a lot of troubles and infections.

6-      Do not drink alcoholic beverages until the swelling goes away. It will only worsen your wound and slow down the healing process.

7-      Stay away from spicy and crunchy foods. You do not want to irritate or burn your piercing wound with the acidity from spicy foods, and definitely you need to avoid any kind of crunchy food that can only discomfort your tongue when chewing and risk of having residues around or in the wound.

8-      Follow a diet of frozen and soft food for the first few days. For instance, frozen yogurt, ice cream and other frozen treats because they will keep your tongue numb for more comfort.

9-      After a week, start incorporating soups and other soft and easy-to-chew foods. Just watch out not to burn your tongue with soups and food that are to warm or hot. Remember that your tongue is still very sensitive.

10-  When you feel ready, you can start adding more solids to your diet. Slowly you will see that you will be soon eating whatever you want, just be a little patient.

11-  You must clean your tongue piercing wound constantly. First, rinse your mouth several times a day, especially before and after meals and snacks. The best thing to use is a mild or non alcohol antiseptic mouthwash like Biotene.

12-  Use gentle toothpaste and switch to a new toothbrush with soft bristles. It will avoid any burn or accidental ache to your mouth and tongue.

13-  Tighten your barbell ends every day to make sure it’s secure. Lots of people end up swallowing up their jewellery because the barbell ends tend to loosen up easily.

14-  Avoid kissing and do not indulge in oral sex during the healing period. Again, this is a very personal thing but it is suggested to not agitate your tongue too much and expose it to another’s body bacteria, for better and faster healing.

15-  Monitor your piercing to help detect complications as soon as possible. You will also see how it is progressing and you will be able to judge better what to eat or not.

16-  Once your tongue is completely healed, change the jewellery for a shorter barbell. When the jewellery is too long, you might injure your wound accidentally over and over.


After reading all of this aftercare tips, you might think that caring for a tongue piercing is too complicated and that people get scared away! But in fact, tongue piercings are the second trendiest type of body piercing in the western world, after the ear piercings.

Tongue piercings’ popularity is increasing rapidly specially among girls and young women due to the amount of celebrities that have it done…

Check out a few superstars with tongue piercings!


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